The intrinsic value of failing

I love Lean. I love some of its terminology, less.

"Lean" itself, is confused for cheap. An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) doesn't have to be an actual product, and the term completely confuses people who are almost willing to do customer development before building something.

Failure is another word with which I have difficulty. "Fail fast". "Reward Failure". Heck, even I started quoting Ford and teaching a Skillshare Class on Failure. Then I thought about it.

What is so great about failing?

What is it about failure that has the entrepreneurial world so enamored.

I agree that "failing fast", is better than failing slowly. But you know what is better than failing fast?


there is VALUE in taking risk and putting yourself in a position where failure is possible  (and likely)

there is VALUE in exposing your ideas and assumptions sooner than later
there is VALUE in admitting you were wrong and changing course
there is VALUE in the experience gleaned from these decisions and actions... 

I think that failure is a gateway for learning and a proxy for identifying people who are willing to do things rather than talk about things, and admit when they were wrong... but I see no absolute value in failure in and of itself.

So go out there and take a risk! Learn something! Admit you were wrong. Failing is good for what it represents, but don't make it your goal:)

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