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Bribing entrepreneurs to be scientists

We admit it, we are running an unconventional fund. We are bribing entrepreneurs to think differently about their startups. We expect entrepreneurs to run experiments and we are doing the same on our community. So far, we sleep well. We have written checks to people who are otherwise unfundable (that is not an opinion - it is a fact). 9/10 people are happy with what we do, but since we do offer funding to the unfundable - and since we do run experiments - sometimes people get mad at us. We are trying to be more and more transparent about what we are doing and why we are doing it, we are taking steps to make sure that those in truly vulnerable situations are not relying on us, and we are trying to make it absolutely clear that there ARE PLENTY OF CATCHES to our free money.

You must run experiments You must interview customersYou must follow or process You must mentor others We have been better recently (we were never intentionally bad, we just assumed certain things were clear, which is…

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