Grinches VS Cheerleaders

P(re).S. -  I started writing this on Christmas Day... I may need to take my own advice and do a better job of Fuck it, Ship it:) It's easier said than done..

Now that I work with so many great entrepreneurs in the very early stages of their startup, I get nervous thinking that I have become an idea Grinch. I hate the thought. Then, to make myself feel better, I remind myself that blind cheer-leading helps no one either.

So which one do you listen to? NEITHER!

Listen to the market. The market knows. CustDev is the Goldilocks of feedback. It is just right. Listen to the Grinch when you have zero conversions.   Not only is it a great time to be an entrepreneur because of how cheap it is to build a product... it's a great time because of how easy it is to talk to customers and users. Not just after you build something... NOW!

You should not listen to your mother, your lawyer, your founder who says your idea is awesome, any more than you should if they say it sucks.

They really have no fucking clue. The serial haters don't hate your idea; they just know that the market probably does. The serial lovers don't love your idea... they love you (or hate the idea of hurting your feelings).

Or, fuck it - listen to them both:)-- but listen in context... context is everything... if Will and Cheri tell you to think twice, or Pacino wants to fund your A round... Maybe you should listen:)

"Democrats are idiots. Republicans are idiots. Conservatives are idiots. Anyone that makes up their mind before they hear the issue, is a fuckin’ fool. Be a person. No normal, decent person is one thing. Listen first and then form an opinion."
- Chris Rock - Never Scared (2004)

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