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HELP FOUNDERS SOLVE THE RIGHT PROBLEMS FOR THE RIGHT CUSTOMERS. HELP CUSTOMERS BY INTRODUCING THEM TO FOUNDERS WHO GENUINELY WANT TO SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM. Click to tweet to get relevant traffic for these experiments. Founders have taken an oath to deliver genuine value to any true conversions. 

Do you know any  Training Managers (Or Learning & Development Managers) in big companies (more than 5,000 employees)? If so please email me so I can introduce you to one of our best students! He is legitimately solving this problem and is close to cracking it!


Think the media is broken? Do you care? If so...
 Tweet: Do you think news is broken? Think the media is biased or worse? Do you care enough to fix it? @lecamping
Need to book a flight NOW with a group but do not want to front the money?
Tweet: Book flights for all your friends without fronting the money. Problem solved @lecamping @numaparis @adamberk
Help this music startup find customers who need the perfect playlist at the perfect moment. Tweet: The perfect playlist for the perfect moment. via @lecamping @adamberk
 Help these fashion friendly entrepreneurs solve problems shoe shopping!
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Hate your Paris commute? Like technology? Wait until you see how these #sharingeconomy entrepreneurs solve your problem.

  Tweet: Hate your Paris commute? Problem solved by a brilliant team @lecamping via @sharedsquared
Help moms with photos of their kids (and help the founders) 
Tweet: Worried about losing precious photos of your precious kids? Is it a hassle to curate them? Problem solved w @adamberk

Help personal trainers hold their clients accountable & and help the founders solve real problems for real customers.

Tweet: Know a #personaltrainer who needs to clone themselves to hold their clients accountable? Problem solved @numaparis
Help consultants be more constultanty and help the founders run an experiment. They are providing real value to anyone who converts for the next 2 weeks minimum.
Tweet: Know any consultants who need help creating commercial proposals? Problem solved @numaparis via @karimjourdain
Help parents help their kids with homework. Help the founders solve this important problem. Cheers.

  Tweet: Do you have kids between 8-17? Does doing homework suck? Problem solved @numaparis
Click here if you know someone redesigning their home.

. From your dream project to reality! Send a pic of your home + 3 style keywords and we'll design it! cc

(call to action a/b test = post a pic of a room in your home and we will post a rendering of the room with stuff that fits)


Do you know anyone who fits one of the following customer segments? Send us and introduction and we will solve a problem for them and make you look like a hero...:)

  1. Mothers of children under 6 who think that curating the photos they take is a pain in the ass
  2. Parents who think that there "has to be a better way" when doing homework with their elementary aged kids
  3. Restaurants managers who serve organic food 
  4. Fine wine old bottle hunters
  5. American personal trainers
  6. People who sit at a desk job and listen to Spotify or Pandora more than half the day (while working) 
  7. Home owners remodeling their home right now (and doing it themselves or if using a professional is still very involved)

Was able to write the list without using the word "anyone" - who has a suggestion to remove the word "people" from #6 +Jackson Lindauer +Tristan Kromer +Sam Hysell +Bek Abdullayev +Franck Debane +Diana Kander @numaparis @lecamping
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