#GEWKClean needs your help! (Nov. 23)

Do you know anyone who fits the following customer segments?

  • Caregiving businesses with no HR department but 50-99 employees
  • Parents of kids in Pre-K through 6th Grade
  • Florists who want to increase their online sales
  • Hiring managers (IT specifically) with 15+ employees on staff http://bit.ly/1tjVOHE
  • Managers at call centers
  • Travelers who've utilized tech/apps on trip within last 6 months
  • Recruiters responsible for making outside-hires
  • Gay, social 21-39 year olds
  • Entrepreneurs with profitable business but unfulfilled personal life
  • Entrepreneurs with a defined MVP but no traction

Send us an introduction (adam@neighborrow.com) OR fill out this form (ctt.ec/co09U+)
We will solve a problem for them and make you look like a hero :)

We've been spending all of #GEWKClean weekend working with entrepreneurs focused on solving problems for the customer segments above. No sales, no spam...Just a 10-15 minute interview to validate the problems and ensure they're tackled properly.

Anyone that refers us interviews gets a FREE ticket to DEMO-lish Nov. 23!!!
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