Our mentors have less experience than any other program!

I am trying a new experiment to help me blog more. I am using this blogger site (no offense blogger) as a sand box to eff it ship it and get feedback before I publish to my new blog on Medium. Consider this where I optimize for learning, and that where I optimize for scale. If you give feedback in the comments, I am happy to return the favor and hold you accountable to blog more. Blogger buddies for life. 

I am constantly asking people "What problem are you solving (with your idea)?" I also see many founders who start off by solving a problem for themselves. A problem I have noticed over the years is mentors and investors who suffer from pitch fatigue. Whether it is at a conference, or a cold email... founders often ask the same things over and over again and there is no reliable filter for the mentor. These people are not jerks... most of them have devoted much of their professional if not their personal lives to startups. For many of them (investors) it is their JOB to listen to pitches... but at the early stage it's just too much sometimes. Top investors do not have the time to read through 1000s of emails and decks a day... Just meeting for coffee, or even doing a 30 minute hangout does not scale either. It;s not JUST about scale, those 30 minute meetings are often not the panacea the mentee things they will be anyway.

The solution is not a superior application, or video resumes, or magic decks... the solution is highly trained ENTREPRENEURS who have already been through the process... to spend 15 minutes screening candidates.

The solution is ideal for the following reasons...

  1. The best way to learn is to teach, we are empowering entrepreneurs on both sides of the conversation to learn more about what kind of metrics investors are looking for, how to demonstrate learning, how to answer use of funds questions, how to talk to customers, how to build a team, etc. 
  2. On the founder side, this solution makes things more fair... the location, age, gender, race etc of the mentee is hidden to the mentor, all the mentor sees is the data and the answers. 

Are you looking for funding? Want to pitch at a huge event? Want to "grab a quick coffee" with an expert in your field? Want to get into a top tier accelerator? Want to get press? We will match you with a peer who is literally one step ahead of you... they were JUST in your shoes within the last 6 months. Get through them and you are all set...
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