Advice in exchange for some good vanity metrics.

Successful cusdev with just landing page:
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  • Adam Berk Sometimes I hate the role of the #leansnob but terminology is impt! First of all - nice work, running an experiment in the first place before building something is a win. Now the correction part. #CUSTDEV is the problem part. It is the customer interviews. Landing pages are for the solution. They are separate. #custdev should come first. And while 50k is an impressive number, try to run an experiment to test something more than possible interest! How many of those 50k are likely to run their first campaign... how many are likely to complete their first campaign. Fund 10 campaigns end to end before you fill the funnel with 50k people who may want to start one. I avoided using this term while I was there but the opportunity is too good to resist... #FINNISHUP go deep rather than wide. Try and deliver the full "end user value"
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