Customer Development Challenge!

A journey of a million miles starts with a single step. A startup of a million users starts with a single customer interview.  

Do you want to get better at customer development? Do you want to find a problem worth solving and learn more about your customers? There is only one way to do it! PRACTICE.
  1. Open this document and make a copy. 
  2. Post the link below with the first ten fields filled in. 
  3. Collect rewards. (see below Iverson)
  4. This post assumes a basic familiarity on how and why to do custdev. If you want to learn more before practice, visit one of those links. 

To add an incentive for you to PRACTICE CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT, the following bribes are available. 
  • For anyone that does 10 interviews you get a FREE copy of the next best selling lean startup book. I read it - it's awesome. (limited to 100 people at first)
  • I will build an MVP (not an Iverson) for anyone who validates a problem worth solving and does more than 100 interviews. Not only that, but I am going to get out there this weekend and do some custdev on an idea I have about getting fresh flowers in NYC! And I know exactly where to find my customers!

  •  All you have to do for the FREE MVP or the FREE BOOK is make a copy of this spreadsheet, and post the results in the comments below. No cheating!

  1. Just do it. 
  2. Prove a problem not a fact. 
  3. No leading questions, no selling solutions
  4. Just fucking do it. Go talk to people... you may find it hard to start, but once you do - it is hard to stop! It's like cheating at startups!

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