Who is your customer?

This is the single most important variable in the start-up equation. Without customers, and by customers I mean someone who NEEDS your product or is willing to use it or "participate in your solution in a way that creates value for them and for you". Without these people... nothing else matters. Without demand, the scale-bale and repeatable part of the scale-able repeatable business model of which Steve Blank speaks is impossible.

So... I am creating a game!

SPOILER ALERT: PLAY IT HERE before you read the rules (I know you hate that idea +Neight Allen )

THE RULES ARE SIMPLE: There is only one rule... enter a proper customer segment into the box before the screen explodes. What makes the screen explode you ask?


These are the things that will make the font get smaller, the page get blurry, the screen explode, and other fun times... if you lose, you can try again in 24h. If you win you get to enter the problem where the same rules (but different) apply.

  1. The word EVERYONE
  2. more than 1 minute without typing 
  3. more than 15 seconds without STARTING 
  5. the letters SME
  6. the word DEMOGRAPHICS
  7. the numbers 18-35
  8. any more suggestions +Justin Wilcox +Nebojsa Lazic +Jason Evanish 

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