CustomerCwest #2 | Do you know anyone dissatisfied at work?


Know anyone at a banking or technology company with 1000+ employees who is frustrated with their inability to express ideas for fear of backlash and culture?

One of our entrepreneurs is trying to solve this problem! Introducing us to someone who fits this profile means that you are not only helping an entrepreneur but also helping make someone's life at work BETTER.

What industry?
 - Banking, Technology (more than 1000x employees)
What level are these employees?
 - Entry, Managers
How old are they typically?
 - Probably someone around 22 years old to 30 years old 
Why them?
 - They are hard workers who are proud representatives of their organizations.
 - They actually care about the organization however believes any idea they pitch requires a political challenge, and ultimately toss in the garbage – while disgruntling people along the way. So they just stay silent.
Their Problem?
 - Employees were not able to express their ideas without the backlash of the consequences from work politics and unspoken cultural rules.
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