Entrepreneurial Jurisprudence

I like to refer to #leanstartup as Entrepreneurial Science. It is also entrepreneurial math when it comes to metrics and solving for x and isolating variables. It is also entrepreneurial logic when it comes to figuring out what to test first. It is also entrepreneurial jurisprudence when it comes to making an argument for your thesis, or for the interpretation of your data.

Be careful when customers tell you that OTHER people have the problem or when you read "studies" or research that proves you right.

You need to prove this stuff first hand.

Lt. Kendrick: That is a distortion of the truth, Lieutenant, Private Bell was placed on barracks restriction, he was given water and vitamin supplements and I can assure you that at no time was his health in danger. 
Kaffee: I'm sure it was lovely for Private Bell. But you did order the barracks restriction, didn't you? You did order the denial of food. 
Lt. Kendrick: Yes, I did. 
Kaffee: Wouldn't this form of discipline be considered a code red? 
Lt. Kendrick: No. 
Kaffee: If I called the other 478 Marines from Guantanamo Bay to testify would they consider it a code red? 
Capt. Ross: If it please the court, the witness can't possibly testify as to what 478 other men would say
. Now we object to this entire line of questioning as argumentative and irrelevant badgering of the witness. 
Judge Randolph: The government's objection is sustained, Lieutenant Kaffee, and I would remind you that you are now questioning a Marine officer with an impeccable service record. 
Capt. Ross: Thank you, Your Honor. 

Credit of course to A Few Good Men / Aaron Sorkin 
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