Do you want equity in our #leanstartup in exchange for a metric? or $1,000 cash for increasing a conversion metric on UNBOUNCE

I believe this experiment is legal since I am soliciting a metric, not funds. If I learn it is not legal, I will desist immediately.

HYPOTHESIS >> I believe that setting aside a total of 5% founders equity for 5000 "page views" (vanity metric but an important minimum step in measuring initial activation based on the unique value prop), will result in a minimum of 25 new founders and 5000 page views by May 1st. 

Here's how it works. 
  1. GO HERE > and make YOUR OWN BIT.LY of that link (make sure you have an account connected with a twitter account) 
  2. SHARE THAT LINK in reasonable places where early stage startup founders live. 
  3. COLLECT .1% equity for every block of 50 views. If you have 50 you get .1 if you have 99 you get .1 if you have 100 you get .2
The offering is over on May first OR when we get 5000 views on that bitly link excluding my own. 

BONUS CHALLENGE FOR DESIGNERS: our current landing page converts at around 33% (none of the variants have 100 views yet). We will give ANY DESIGNER who creates the WINNING VARIANT on $1,000 on May 1st. The ONLY rules are that YOUR VARIANT must have 100 views and they call to action must be a variation of "submit your email to connect with a mentor". The ACTUAL customer action must be the real email address. 
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