The MILVALCHAL - microinvesting in first time founders who practice #leanstartup [June Update]

1. Acquisition = 2212 clicks as of 6/21 up from  1909 clicks May 7th (up from 1303 on March 23) to the MilValChal form point of entry: (this is a vanity metric of course) 

2. Activation = 91 people have accepted the challenge directly from the entry point above, submitting at least one interview. This number is up from 51 from our last report. All have been added to this mailing list.

3. Activation / Retention = 918 interviews have been entered in the database, up from 402 interviews at the last update.

4. Retention = 2 OUR ONE METRIC THAT MATTERS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR IS # OF EXPERIMENTS FUNDED, # OF TEAMS FUNDED. We invest not in ideas or even in teams, we invest in experimentation. We have funded 2 experiments so far. 

5. Referral (?) = You can help with this! We are not really measuring it right now. Encourage any entrepreneur to start the interview process and enter the results here: (make your own bitly if you want us to track it, get 100 shares and we will give you something valuable).
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