Format of this year's $10,000 startup competition

  1. Everyone in the world is eligible - we are accepting 64 teams who will compete in a tournament for the $10,000 - the 64 teams accepted are simply the first 64 teams to submit 5 #custdev interviews here
  2. Once the 64 teams are named... round one, sponsored by HEADYFOODS (our winners last year and a great startup in the food space) is about speed and quantity. Teams will have one week to interview as many customers as they can and submit the findings into the same form... the team that simply does more bona fide interviews will advance to the next round of 32
  3. The round of 32 will be about more interviews, this time with a global mission. It is sponsored by Ozan - one of the coolest guys in startups around the world. It is more about quality and focus but also with a global twist.
  4. From there there will be 16 teams... this round will be focused on demand metrics
  5. 8 remaining teams will pitch at a virtual DEMOlish day. This is the only round where the 4 who advance are subjective (but there will be a twist for the 4 teams who do not advance).  Teams will compete against each other in terms of sales, maybe even some pure hustle vanity metrics again... 
  6. The final four will be compete for customer - this round will be focused on actually delivering value.
  7. The winner will be decided either by a jury or by something to do with scale and impact. 

If you would like one of the 64 spots - all you have to do is 5 customer interviews

Other questions we want to answer : 

  1. value of design for early adoptors
  2. observable behavior vs custdev
  3. coachable vs stubborn and smart 

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