Here's why we are giving one startup $10,000 at a TRILLION DOLLAR VALUATION

To qualify for $10,000 in funding, access to top mentors around the world, and other valuable prizes... Enter the #trilvalchal by submitting five customer interviews!

Here's why we are doing this :)
  1. Leanstartup is probably the most intelligent, important and necessary thing to happen to innovation in a long long time. It is also a bit like the kid who asked the teacher for homework at the end of class when the teacher forgot to give it. Whenever I mentor, I try to keep it real, knowing fully that testing a hypothesis, and starting with the problem not the solution were not the things that got my heart racing... bottom line, we are trying to have a little fun!
  2. To promote the milvalchal - where we invest in all startups who do 100 customer development interviews... 
  3. To test a few hypotheses of our own about leanstartup (watch this space). 
  4. To identify and bring together other like minded folks in the space... 
  5. To continue to keep HeadyFoods in the spotlight - they were champs last year and were the epitome of an early adopter. 
  6. To find 100-1000 new problems to solve in all corners of the world 
  7. To see just how far one team can go with $10,000 when they are testing the right things, the right way!
Apply now for $10,000 in mentorsourced funding. 

8. To see if we can find out who made this video!
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