How to scale a fund that funds anyone!

We are a community of entrepreneurs and mentors committed to creating scalable or sustainable businesses using LEAN Startup principles.

You and the other members of this group have organically and voluntarily completed and SUBMITTED 25 customer interviews and are actively trying to create a scaleable or sustainable BUSINESS around solving a problem for the people to whom they spoke. The group is also for MENTORS who believe in customer development as a valuable tool and value startups who practice it.

New to the group? Tell us about the problem you're seeking to solve, for whom, and your next action step. Get feedback. Listen to it. Read over some of the past posts. Offer feedback and advice. If you have a question about process, just ask - we're here to help.

For interviews 25+, here is the new form for submission:

We can get you access to tools, customers, partners etc as part of your funding. 

As for that funding we are still working out the details but your first experiment can be funded up to $1500 within 1 week of your 100th interview. 
#There is no hard line on the use of funds as long as you are running an experiment with a measureable outcome.
#You must include a metric and a date
# If there is a disagreement on the experiments the mentors all have an equal vote.
# No paperwork necessary for the first $1,500
# If a mentor asks a question you MUST answer it no matter what you think of it smile emoticon this applies to experiment #1 only 

# For the second experiment and dollars $1,501-5000 we will have you sign a simple one page agreement.

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