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The good news is we funded 4 more teams over the Thanksgiving holiday. The bad news is we had an extraordinarily high conversion rate on our mailchimp campaign and about 20 people asked for funds. All of these teams WILL GET FUNDED to test their hypothesis, but they need to be able to state a MEASURABLE QUANTIFIABLE outcome that they are expecting... ONE VARIABLE AT A TIME... 

We are taking the promise of funding very seriously, we have a blab.im call schedule to help anyone with their hypothesis so they can get the funding... starting at 4pm, we will have another one next week. 

Here's a transcript of our FB posts over the weekend. 

MAJOR UPDATE (everyone read the whole thing): I revamped the form finally - the other process was broken (but we learned from it). IF WE OWE YOU MONEY, OR IF YOU JUST WANT SOME (regardless of how many interviews you submitted) FILL THIS OUT IN REAL TIME... we are testing this over the holiday break and will be writing checks up to $1500 in real time. Fill it out and an alert goes right to me - you will have money in your account or a FB ads profile set up within an hour and no more than 24 hours (the 24 hour window if you happen to submit on Thurs between noon and midnight) http://goo.gl/forms/MQ3FotmwAm

MAJOR UPDATE ON THE MAJOR UPDATE: WE have given money to 4 teams as of Monday November 30th (4 teams for this experiment - 12 teams total). We are very sensitive to the fact that we are offering money to people, not just "experimenting on people". We have been very transparent that in order to get the funds you must declare an outcome, within a specific time frame, for a specific group of people... we are finally getting consistent answers to the question "how many people will take that action in the next 30 days", the action itself however is still vague for most teams -- and that is the ONLY thing holding up funding for most of you... we are having a call to discuss it tomorrow. https://blab.im/adamberk-what-is-a-quantifiable-outcome-3
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