What is the proper M in MVP?

Adam Berk The money is in your account -- let's see you rent one out smile emoticonHow long does it take to recharge the one they give you? Your plan is to rent that one out too right?
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Arvind Peehal Adam Berk, thanks for the funds. I will get started with it. When I said "......ONE customer for anything.", what I meant to say was that just having one customer was not enough. Sorry if I conveyed more than what I intended to. For me, it take the sam...See More
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Adam Berk Arvind Peehal so even with one battery you should be able to do 5 rentals in a week right?
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Arvind Peehal Adam Berk yes, as long as customer sees value, the rental can be done on a daily basis. My intent behind more numbers was NOT to turn away others who like the product / services as I do not have additional set to rent out to them. I think most of time, its lack of funds and NOT availability of excess cash, that drives innovation in both product / services and business model, so let me work with one set, let me see what I can learn form it and in case my customers are really clamoring for it, I can always ask for more funds smile emoticon
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