Experimenting with startup experiments | March Update

Sometimes we make entrepreneurs to jump through several hoops in order to get to the "promise". Some folks in the #leanstartup space call that a "high hurdle" MVP. The rational behind it is not sadistic, quite the opposite in fact. The process is meant to filter TRUE demand, not only saving money for the company delivering the product or service - but ultimately delivering a better experience for those who self select as true early adopters willing to take an action, not just those who say they will and never follow through (even with good intentions).

We think this process is justified in the sense that a) we are teaching the people in our program to do the very same thing b) we go by a strict do no harm policy -- (are we perfect, no - have we disappointed a few people in the process… yes - but we try and be as transparent as possible after the experiment and use the learnings for GOOD not for BAd - we are always trying to get better).

Anyway… most of these hoops are built in by design. Recently we have gone through several changes in format at the MILVALCHAL and are now using a NEW TOOL to keep track of the experiments (and funding) in our program.

This new change will feel like yet another hoop for some of the participant. This change was not planned but we believe TRELLO is now the best tool to track the experiments. Here's how it will work.

Enter your experiment into the backlog by sending an EMAIL to the trello board adamberk2+r98n12o9zczmdszzdx8j@boards.trello.com

  • In the SUBJECT put "My name is ….. and my twitter handle is …., I believe that…"
  • In the BODY PUT "N$ will prove that N# of Y customer segment (with whom I have completed and submitted N interviews) will take A action within 3 weeks. This is my (1st, 2nd, Nth) experiment. 
  • As long as the FORMAT IS SEMATICALLY CORRECT (with the proper bold replacement, customer interviews etc) you will advance to the next column

  1. When the format is correct we will move it to "hypothesis ready for testing" column. When your hypothesis is on the TOP of that list - you have 3 days to ship your experiment - if you fail to ship you go to #10 on the list. 
  2. We will fund 25% of your experiment up front as soon as your hypothesis is approved, 25% of your experiment when you ship it, and the final 50% of your experiment as soon as you report the results. 
The format of your hypothesis on the Trello board MUST BE IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT TO MOVE TO "READY"

My name is (X) and my twitter handle is (Y), I need (N$) to prove that (N#) of (Y customer segment) (with whom I have completed and submitted N interviews) will take (A) action within 3 weeks. 

*If you need more than 3 weeks from the time your experiment LAUNCHES to the time you collect meaningful data, let us know and you can appeal

This new format is based on some hard and thoughtful work put in by +Joshua Schukman and Jonathan Kumar
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