We are giving away $5,000 in cash to startups at SXSW equity free!

Last year at SXSW, SlingShot ventures held a DEMOlish DAY thanks to the generous support of our friends at the Kauffman Foundation. Thanks to some good timing and real estate, we were lucky to have Eric Ries join us for a couple of the demolitions (startup teams pitching something they LEARNED and cut rather than something they built just to build).

This year, we are raising the stakes. We are bringing $5,000 in cash to SXSW. We are giving teams who do problem interviews $20 per interview, up to $100 per team, until we run out of money.

Unlike the #milvalchal where we take a TINY piece of equity and make the teams test a hypothesis with the funds, the SXSW money comes with no strings attached.

Other companies are spending their money on stickers, free food, free t shirts etc. We are using our budget to make sure teams know what problem they are solving!!!

All you have to do to collect the # is FILL OUT THIS FORM. $20 for every time you fill it out up to $100 per team. Remember you are meant to listen to the problem, not talking about the solution.

We will hand out the cash on SATURDAY AT 5pm downtown. We will share the location when you submit your interviews.

YOU CAN THANK +Boris Grïnkot -- he convinced us to pay $20 per interview instead of 4:)
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