Just so we are clear about the latest hypothesis challenge

To collect $100 you must complete EACH OF THE following 3 steps by Monday.
  • Go to the main hypothesis page, and submit your email. 
  • Click to tweet that you accepted the challenge (link provided after you sign up, or just create your own and mention @adamberk . 
  • ONE OF THE FOLLOWING two options 
  1.  get your hypothesis to column 3 of THIS trello board (we have taken a risk and allowed you to join the board directly, add your hypothesis to column ONE only - only mentors can move cards from column to column). Put your twitter handle and "@sechrest sent me from SW" in the title of the card, put your hypothesis in the description  
  2.  tweet @adamberk @sechrest I filled out the left side (and post a link to your version of this)

To collect $900 more we will email the details - but we will keep things transparent in the comments of this blog post or Johns. Basically you will have to do 15 interviews, design your experiment, run the experiment within 30 days, write about the experiment on Medium within 35 days, and create a NEW hypothesis based on the learnings of this experiment.


  1. This challenge is open to ANYONE as long as you ENTER by tomorrow (Monday November 7 at midnight) 
  2. To enter, the hypothesis must be structured properly, there is no subjective evaluation on the elements - to collect the $1,000 the experiment must be solution based not research based. Meaning "I believe 15 people will agree to an interview by December 31st is not going to be enough". To collect $1,000 you must ACTUALLY CONDUCT 5 interviews AND "reasonably attempt" an experiment aimed that same segment to take an action on which your startup success is based. Since this interpretation is somewhat subjective, we reserve the right to choose the 10 BEST experiments that are conducted by the end of the year. 
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