Calling all leanstartup mentors

When I launched the MILVALCHAL 2 years ago at the leanstartup conference... I had 2 minimum success criteria. Raise $1,000 from 10 mentors to give one team at a Million Dollar Valuation. Collect 10,000 interviews over the course of the next year. My first one was a success, the second metric I got about a third of the way there.

Last year my goal was to raise $10,000 and launch the trilvalchal. (I raised about half of it and never launched the trilvalchal)

This year my conference goal was to get 8 free tickets for folks who submitted hypotheses and have them join me in SF. (Thanks to Sarah and Felica and the whole LS crew, I got the 8 tickets... due to travel and my own last minute planning, I only had 4 people show up in SF, shout out to them HERE). My YEAR LONG GOAL THIS YEAR IS  is 100,000 hypotheses submitted from unique teams or founders... 

my strategy is to get 100 mentors (25% consultants, teachers, practitioners and 75% teams who have gone through the process) ... The current risky assumption that I am testing is that I can get 10 mentors to complete a landing page calling for hypotheses by the end of this week, in exchange for being a featured mentor of the program, learning the process, meeting teams and getting up to $1,000 before the end of the year ($50 per hypothesis they collect) -- if you are interested in being 1/10 and spending 30m on an unbounce page... let me know by tweeting @adamberk I want to mentor. 


We posted this hypothesis about a month ago and it failed... we were focused on too many things... For the rest of this month I am not focused on teams or their hypotheses, just the mentors.

OUR OWN HYPOTHESES is (was October 2016(... I believe that at least 25 mentors will refer at least 5 teams each by the leanstartup conference (let me know if you want to come, I might be able to get a discounted ticket for our mentors) in November because they see the value to their teams in structuring a hypothesis, because they trust our community to help with that task, and because $125 is enough to buy a nice meal:)
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