Acceptable excuses for why you can't find customers today.

  1. They are sleeping. BULLSHIT they are awake in Australia. Or San Francisco. 
  2. It is Saturday. BULLSHIT if the problem is real, they are always looking for a solution. 
  3. It is cold outside. BULLSHIT go inside. 
  4. I am a visionary. I do not have customers yet. BULLSHIT. Another word for being too early is being too wrong. Someone out there has the problem and wants it solved.
  5. It is a B2B play. BULLSHIT. Businesses don't have problems, people do. Go find the person that has the pain. 
  6. It is a bureaucracy, it will take forever to get a meeting with my customer. BULLSHIT. Bureaucracies are most ripe for disruption. Find the person in the organization who wants change as much as you want to change it. Better yet, go around the power and go straight to the people. Delight them with your solution. PSSST @axelfoley21_ it's about the students and teachers, not the principals 


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