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I work for a website that helps NYCers find and book afterwork hobbies and date ideas. Do you have any feedback on the site?

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Vote by Mike Krau.

Which NYCers specifically. Then answer a simple and obvious question. Do they NEED help finding and booking after work stuff. Not do they say, "that's cool" but can you prove that they NEED help and specifically need YOUR HELP doing this.

Via Mike Krau.

Once again, at the idea stage - it all comes down to problem and customer. Next comes how are you going to solve it for them and how are you going to reach them. Also, I am really starting to think it is IMPOSSIBLE, not just hard, to give valuable feedback as a user. Either you use it or you don't. You can give feedback on copy, distribution strategies, business models, etc. But on the product itself - if you are not a user your opinion is worthless. 
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