I got 99 problems - but these are not them.

Just finished #leankc4. Sign up for #leankc5 I have wanted to post this for a while... here goes. We push people to get out of the building and talk to customers. We learn tons about why things that people think are problems are not. What follows is the longest list ever compiled in one place of ostensible problems (business opportunities), that when tested in reality reveal no problem, no self awareness of the problem, or no desire to solve it. You may enjoy my other post about how people do not need a sophisticated app, or an opt in service to eliminate their junk (snail) mail, their existing solution works just fine. It is called a garbage can.

  1. Waiting in line is NOT A PROBLEM for KU students BECAUSE waiting in line is part of a ritual. 
  2. Waiting in line for a table is NOT A PROBLEM for Saturday night restaurant patrons BECAUSE getting a drink at the bar is great. 
  3. Having a line is NOT A PROBLEM (at all) for mom and pop coffee shops BECAUSE having a line is a source of pride and an indication of quality. 
  4. Grocery shopping is NOT A PROBLEM (at all) for foodies because it is actually fun. 
  5. Snow removal is NOT A PROBLEM (at all) for lazy people BECAUSE it is an excuse to stay in another day and happens 1x or 2x per year. 
  6. Snow removal is NOT A PROBLEM for non lazy people BECAUSE shoveling it is good exercise. 
  7. Going to the wrong restaurant once in a while NOT A PROBLEM (worth solving) for most people BECAUSE discovery is half the fun and is serendipitous. The human brain is motivated by variable rewards. 
  8. Traffic is NOT A PROBLEM for people learning a language or people who need a break from their screaming kids BECAUSE they use that time to listen to their language tapes and catch up on calls
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