Is your landing page or website doing its job?

Data is all the rage these days:) The only way to know if your website is doing its job is to measure it. We do web design a bit differently. You tell us one thing, what you want visitors to DO as a result of seeing your site. We take that measurable outcome and put 3-5 designers to the task. The first iteration of your site will be live and collecting data within 72 hours of your order. Then we do something that no one else does. We iterate your site before your eyes, not based on anyone opinion but based on science and math. The variant that is performing best will be given more and more weight until there is a clear winner based on very clear metrics (not height). If you want to try it out send a tweet to @adamberk -- the price for 3 variants and a 1 month design competition is $999 - you pay at the end of 30 days but you get your site right away. If you are not happy you do not pay.

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