Try this experiment on your users, if they get as mad as these kids that's GOOD!

People ask all the time about how to run experiments if you already have a product. To me, the takeaway test is the best thing since sliced bread.

Unlike other experiments, where you can blame the experiment or the time of day or the direction of the wind... if you take away a feature, and you know that people logged in to your site that day... and NO ONE SCREAMS THEIR HEAD OFF (or even notices) then they do not care. There is absolutely no way to argue with the results of a takeaway test. And it is a great gateway test for the team... you can tell the naysayers that you will only run it on 10% of your traffic and turn it off after the first 1, 10, 50 people complain.

Not only will you not lose those users once you turn it back on, but you can buy em a coffee or give them a discount - you've probably made a friend for life, increased their loyalty, and learned some pretty valuable shit.

Imagine the value of the learning if they DON'T notice.
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