Funding for doing #custdev

Here is the monthly update, for the #milvalchal - funding for doing #custdev.

  1. 878 clicks as of press time to this specific point of entry
  2. 252 total interviews submitted 
  3. 32 people have accepted the challenge (this number is down from last time we are recalibrating and only reporting the exact funnel from the top link - 52 people have accepted the challenge but from other links/sources)
  4. 4 people have finished including @HeadyFoods @astokas and 2 others...
The riskiest assumption on the activation side is "do they believe us". To that end we are testing conversions for 5k @ a 1m valuation and 5k at a 100k valuation (we will not trick anyone, whatever variant you convert on and is promised to you is what you will get). 

On the retention side, we are testing a few things that move teams along from interview #1 to interview #100.

Of course the riskiest assumption of all is - are the teams that finish "worth" a million bucks! Can they at least get a valuation higher than that? At the VERY least are they performing better than tier one incubators? I have a fast forward button for most of the experiments that I design... this one will probably have to wait until 20 teams have finished and we give them 2 years. What say you +Boris Grinkot +Spike Morelli +Steven Sherman 
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