Will work for food (and data, and travel, and money). My #leanstartup menu.

I want to help you articulate your hypotheses. Then I want to help you design and run experiments that will help you prove in a matter of days, things that you may think you need months for.


  • Ask me a question about leanstartups, MVPs, customer development, what to test, how to pick a customer segment, how to build a landing page, what metric to use etc on Quora https://www.quora.com/Adam-Berk
  • Tell me one thing on twitter. For whom are you solving a problem, or creating value?
  • Do 100 customer interviews.

  • Let's run experiments together in person. Hire me for your group, I can train up to 8 teams at a time. $300 per team for no profits and edus. $1000 per team for startups. 2 full days + travel anywhere in the world. If you need more than 8 teams we can add 2 more days or we can add another mentor. 
  • Booked in Feb with Etohum
  • Basically booked in March with SXSW, Rockstart in Amsterdam, Numa in Paris, and STEP in Dubai. 
  • April is Open
  • May is in Detroit leading up to reBOOT conference. 

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