Experiments we are tracking for our Feb 26th #leanstartup call

Damien Le Thiec = 10 suppliers locked in by this date.
Adhi Appukutty = 1000 UM gym goers converted 
Deanna Wharwood = 500 of the right women SUBSCRIBED to the first episode of the podcast
@luke = 1 LOI for $5,000 or more 
Joshua Schukman 50 social gooders SHOWED UP for the webinar
#milvalchal = 20 people show up for this call having prveiously agreed to test a very specific metric and actually tested it
Dariya Imdariya -- what did we agree on for $1500 in 3 weeks? (Boris Grinkot help out)
Arvind Peehal will swap out 4 for 50RS batteries to start with - then we will figure out the logistics to scale when more than 4 have been rented out at the same time within 24 hours (until he can charge the next ones) 
Andreas Stokas will have 6 new sign ups from $450 in ads and 2 new paying customers == (this experiment would only be approved for you... the $225 cost of acquisition is not that bad if the customers are worth $700 in their lifetime or if you can decrease that cost... the REAL problem is how long it takes to prove just 2 paying customers... 3 months is too long)
Banadzem Derico will have 40/100 people with 20 clients (@andy seavers is helping him and will be present on the call)

Our hypothesis was that we could get 20 for the call. Let's see bit.ly/milvalchal
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