Wow... this talking to customers thing and investing in experiments WORKS

Arvind Peehal Learning and Updates: Adam Berk I spent last week on the ground and "out of the building" got ~ 20 customer interview and some great leanings. Learning # 1: Always Check the other Side: Most vehicles have an arrangement of two batteries on each side under the passenger seat. I had earlier looked at one side and ASSUMED a similar arrangement on the other side too. Based on my assumption, I designed a battery swap box with side-by-side arrangement but got a unpleasant surprise when I saw the other side with tandem arrangement of batteries. Learning # 2: The entire sector as of now is highly unorganized and its a great risk (both financial and technological) to venture into it. Instead of dealing with unorganized drivers, most of whom do not even have license and identification, I found an organized fleet operator and interviewed them to understand their problems. Batteries were no doubt was their primary concern, but they wanted to conduct a proper study first to understand the application (lead acid batteries in Electric vehicle). Learning # 3: The Pivot: Hence I have decided to pivot and work with this organized fleet operator. My prototype is now a Cloud Integrated SMART Battery Monitoring System, which will monitor battery behavior (charge & discharge) on 24 X 7 basis. I am already working on a prototype and it should be ready in two weeks. Once ready, I will be testing it on my customer fleet for about a week and convince them of value proposition. My customer has presented a requirement for 25 of these Battery Monitoring System for their study to help them select the best battery.
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Adam Berk Fucking awesome work... for every time we say "one variable at a time, or how much will they pay, or how many customers did you talk to" THESE UPDATES MAKE ALL OF THOSE QUESTIONS (that are not only annoying for the group to hear, they are annoying for us to ask WORTH IT... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK... KEEP LEARNING... WHAT;S NEXT ?
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