When the riskiest assumption is that the target customer does not trust you can deliver the solution

I would find another word to describe the website, but other than that I agree with Andreas. That said, the program is doing it's job. We are close to a LEARNING EVENT. All the work we do with the 100 interviews and the debating about ONE VARIABLE is in vain until the team actually runs the experiment and has an answer... which this team has (albeit with tremendous prodding). So they have earned some respect.

Here's the analysis.

  1. My opinion of a landing page is irrelevant as long as the absolute minimum requirements for learning have been met - can it test and measure a user action that can be correlated to a promise. If so - I will always say it is good enough to ship and we will let the market decide if it has done its job. 
  2. The problem is NOT being solved by the NEW solution (the one being offered by this team). And certainly the interviews have not PROVEN anything. It will be interesting to dive back into the interviews and reveal what they really say after zero conversions. 
  3. The customer segment seems to be accurate - I just can't say what this is based on?
Criticism aside - this team HAS MANAGED TO STATE TWO NEW HYPOTHESES. They are generic (nearly every team that runs an experiment uses these two as the reason for failure but at least they are LEANING OUT LOUD NOW!) The watermelon is getting less greasy.

  1. IF REVIEWS AND CREDIBILITY ARE AN ISSUE - we can artificially inflate credibility on the next experiment and see if it helps us hit our target. 
  2. IF PRICE IS THE ISSUE - we can continue to decrease price or find other payers to see if we get the conversion (this adds a little more grease back to the watermelon because we sort of ruled this otu as the riskiest assumption and even if we can get people back into the program for free - wehere are we... but since we may LEARN SOMETHING in the process... it's ok to test this again in a HIGHLY CONTROLLED environment for a limited time. 
IF THE TEAM FORMS A NEW HYPOTHESIS AROUND THE TWO THINGS ABOVE - we can test it... more ads right now before next weeks pitch would be the epitome of waste.

+Andreas Stokas +Boris Grïnkot please add your thoughts lets put this on medium. 

Andreas Stokas If the only thing you have is clicks, then: 1. The website sucks. 2. You don't solve a problem. 3. You touch the problem but haven't found how to solve it. 4. You didn't nail the correct audience.
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Dariya Imdariya Andreas Stokas regarding your comments:
1) before launching advertising website was modified and updated andAdam Berk had a look and said it's good. check out here: http://start-up-booster.com/start-up-black-belt-business.../
2) The problem is being solved by the solution (proven by interviews conducted which is over 100)
3) The audience seems to be accurate.
What we found out as potential problems are:
1) we may not have enough backlinks and reviews on third party websites to build web credibility for the product
2) the audience finds product expensive and not able to pay
Therefore we want to try strategy of working through referral/affiliate program i.e. recruiting partners who will resell the program or recommend it to their customer bases.
Anything to add Elena Varnavska
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