Dear #1mc, Here's what I think about what problems to solve.

My humble response to your tweet and the related article (letter) about which problems to solve.
  1. There is no good way to tell people what they "should" do. 
  2. What problem are you solving & for whom is always the first question I ask when the "Why" variable is known and the answer is to "create a scalable and repeatable business model". When that part still unknown there is a step before...
  3. In this case I think it all comes down to the goal or objective. 
  • If the objective is to teach, the "right" problem to solve at first may be one thing
  • If the objective is to instill confidence the "right" problem to solve may be something easy to solve 
  • If the objective is to make money... 
  • If the objective is to make a huge impact on a small number of people....
  • If the objective is to make an impact on a huge number of people...
Everything is relative - and strategy is dependent upon the TRUE desired outcome.

It is an important discussion... let's continue to get smarter here. Keep up the great work!
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