How do you know where to start when you have an idea? My answer on QUORA

I have way too many business ideas, so how do I know which one to start validating/invalidating first?
How do I weed out business ideas before I go to the painstaking effort of invalidating/validating the business models for each of them?

Adam BerkFounder @neighborrow, #leanstartup mentor
Start with the one you think solves the biggest problem for customers and has the biggest chance to change the world and create value. You can do 25 customer interviews in 3 days and course correct from there. Those interviews cost nothing but time, and I will bet you a coffee you have spent more time than that thinking about where to start:) Not to mention, you are correcting your course, not starting over. The things you learn about people, especially yourself during those 25 interviews is invaluable. And there are plenty of people around to help you interpret the data.
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