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I have been an entrepreneur all my life. I've been an accidental scientist for most of that time. Only have I been an intentional scientist for the last 3 years and in that, I've become a teacher. I teach entrepreneurs how to be scientists. It is pretty cool actually. I get to work with people I admire, in a field that is literally changing the world. 

Through teaching these entrepreneurs how to set up and run experiments on their ideas, I test and run them myself. One variable I have to test is the medium by which I reach my "customer".

In person workshops are the ideal setting. One on twenty is the optimal situation in the real world. Surprisingly to some, even better than one on one. It is also most expensive. For me in terms of time away from my (now growing) family, and for the clients in terms of ticket prices to cover the venue and other overhead.

The other end of the spectrum is online forums and even online classes. But this option is not perfect either. 

The answer, I have found, is live coaching. On demand coaching by the minute. I have seen many mentor sessions booked out a week in advance for an hour at a time, and both parties try and fill that time with something valuable.

Entrepreneurs don't always have a week to wait, and they don't always need a half hour. Sometimes they just need advice about their team, their customers, their strategy, their funding round... NOW and the questions can be answered in 5 minutes or so. Sometimes they need longer.
On demand, online coaching is the answer. And the answer to online on demand coaching for me is LiveNinja. I will TRY anything once. I often give things a shot on principle alone. LN is a startup itself and based in Miami, the idea of working with them at first was very meta. Very "when in Rome". But here's the thing. The product is awesome. Come for the nostalgia, the symbolism, then stay for the quality. 

LIVENINJA WORKS. It is easy to get online and teach. They say that the best way to learn, is to teach. Here are 4 ways you will benefit from creating an account and teaching your first class: 
  • You will meet people from all over the world. The internet is truly the great equalizer. Forget about the limitations of geography and differing timezones, remote teaching is the way to go.
  • Quite simply, your network will grow.
  • A constant evolution. You are practicing and getting better with each call you do, not just on your material, but how you relate the material to each new person in context, how you find your customers, how you market your profile.
  • You will have fun! And work from home - this is the REAL kind of work from home... the kind of work from home that is still productive and prevents traffic jams and let's you be home for your kids. This changes how the world operates.
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