Yes you can. You have to try.

A friend of mine teaches experimental innovation to corporates and entrepreneurs.

A friend of hers told her, "there is no way you will get that gig (a private workshop worth more than $5,000) without more testimonials on that page."

The deal closed after one call, because the person hiring her 1) had seen her in person 2) had a problem that she could solve easily.

When the deal closed, the two decided to open a workshop to the public the day before the private workshop. Since my friend LOVES TO TEST SHIT, she put up a variant with a clear value proposition targeting idea stage entrepreneurs, a clear call to action, and a bunch of LOREM IPSUM. The partner said. "there is no way that anyone will leave their email on that page with LOREM IPSUM" and put up his own variant on which he spent way more time.

Of course the first ticket sold was on the variant with LORUM IPSUM at the bottom, because the customer reading the headline, had the problem that the workshop was solving

Fast forward to the workshop itself. The person who bought the ticket was working on their idea. My friend suggested (only after validating the problem of course) that they put up a landing page in 30 minutes with no logo, no brand name, on an "unbounce/" url and sell their product.

Of course the attendee said, THERE IS NO WAY ANYONE WILL PAY FOR THIS UNTIL WE BUILD THE PRODUCT and UNTIL the page "looks better".

OF COURSE THE attendee made 5 sales in an hour. Not page views, not clicks, not page likes, not retweets. Sales.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

however, Goldilocks has a habit of appearing in all of my posts. The converse is also true, only those who are willing to ship something that is less than adaquet will ever truly master the art of the MVP
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