#MILVALCHAL do 100 #custdev interviews for an instant MILLION dollar valuation

Stats and hypotheses so far:
  1. 100 cold clicks to this link http://bit.ly/milvalchal - 112 to be exact as of Christmas Day http://bit.ly/milvalchal+ (still zero interviews submitted from cold channels) 
  2. on the other hand - we have about 25 teams who have recorded close to 200 interviews in the #MILVALCHAL in less than a month
  3. all of them get $5,000 in funding as long as they finish 
  4. about 1/5 teams who START the challenge by logging at least one interview are on pace to finish... 
  5. our hypothesis is that long term in 2015, about 1/10 teams will finish the full 100 and 1 in 5 teams will finish the 50 interviews (qualifying for SOME funding but not necessarily half the funding at the same valuation or the full funding at half the valuation)
  6. with about 1/100 people who see the challenge starting it - that makes our funnel from views to completions about 1/500 which is similar to some accelerators selection // UNLIKE those accelerators however, the selection funnel is SOLELY based on the applicant. 
  7. That has never happened before, all it takes to get funded is a bit of faith that it is real, some hard work, and a willingness to talk to customers
  8. Just don't ask questions like this kid from #badsanta

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