Some early data in the custdev challenge for a million dollar valuation

So far about 20 people are participating in the #MILVALCHAL and have submitted about 150 interviews. Here is some data.

  • This person has the problem I named above 83 80% 
  • This person knows they have the problem I named above 66 63% 
  • This person has tried to solve the problem I named above 49 47% 
  • This person is dissatisfied with their own solution and still needs me! 44 42% 
  • This person will pay me or give me something of value to solve the problem mentioned above. 63 61%
  •  I still want to solve this problem for this person 55 53% 
  • This person explicitly stated that they do not have this problem or that it is being solved satisfactorily 8 8% 
  • This person has a bigger problem that I may be interested in solving 16 15%

Would you do 100 customer interviews for $5000 investment at a million dollar valuation?

Start now!

(we are excited to be working with  +CDNinja+Steven Sherman ) 

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