Solving the problem of DIVERSITY IN IT.

The first "false negative" that is tangible for the entrepreneur usually occurs when they cannot raise a round (not covering that today) OR when they have a landing page up with traffic but no conversions. We WILL talk about that today. The entrepreneur is quick to blame the (graphic) design (I did the same for years) when usually 99% of the time, the problem is with the problem, or something much deeper than what the landing page looks like. We are in the education process right now with @BARBARA_WMS and while we are going to do a redesign for her for the sake of the data, we are going to urge her to go on record with 3-5 potential explanations for the lack of conversions, other than design. Or to flip it to a positive, ask her to suggest 5 ways to overcome the lack of conversions with strategies that do not include a redesign of the visuals on the page. (We have several of our own hypotheses that we will post after she does, so as not to anchor or bias her answers).

 BELOW IS AN EDUCATIONAL Q&A for entrepreneurs going through the same stage:)

(ADAM)  Barbara, you mentioned that you are drowning in data? Can you explain?

(ADAM) You stated in our mentoring group, "I want to get this questionnaire done and attached to my landing page." Can you tell us why? What are you trying to learn from the questionnaire that you do not already know?

(ADAM) What data and statistics are bogging you down? You've said that you "know" the problem exists? Can you define what you believe is the problem? We have talked about the difference between a fact and a problem.
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