#MILVALCHAL mentor questions for JOSH

  • Helping raise awareness about the lack of decent sanitation in India
  • This is a solution not a problem to solve. Semantics maybe but still important. And semantics notwithstanding, "lack of awareness" is not a hypothesis that can be measured. 
  • Do YOU PERSONALLY want to solve an awareness problem in the long run or a sanitation problem?
  • Who is not aware of the sanitation problem? Local Government? Local Citizens? International Governments? International Citizens?
  • Who is "most unaware" that you wish were MOST AWARE
  • How will you measure the videos effectiveness of turning the unaware into the aware? Is that your end goal?
  • Did this interview confirm that there is a sanitation problem or that they specifically want the AWARENESS PROBLEM solved? What does the user or beneficiary want solved? (this is different at times from what YOU want solved)

1/6/2015 0:42:19Helping raise awareness about the lack of decent sanitation in IndiaA social entrepreneur in India, who is seeking to provide clean, affordable, and simple sanitation to all Indians.Dr. Pathak is a well known figure in India, he is seeking to transform their sanitation system, because many of the poorest are tasked with cleaning old style latrines - a job that makes them 'untouchable' by any of the other classes. So, sanitation is not just about cleanliness and diseases prevention, it is also about justice and equality. Dr. Pathak has made significant strides against the problem, but I believe much more could be done to raise awareness and involve outsiders. SkypeThat having to clean a toilet in India marks someone as belonging to a class that noone else will touch. That India has succeeded on many development indexes, but still ranks very low in number of people who dump raw sewage into the street or have unsanitary latrines.That there are very simple, affordable, and sanitary solutions available. This person has the problem I named above, This person knows they have the problem I named above, This person has tried to solve the problem I named above, This person is dissatisfied with their own solution and still needs me!I would need to serve as a bridge between Dr. Pathak's work in India, and awareness in the US. I believe if I could create a powerful video campaign that told the story of Indians forced to clean latrines that we could raise significant funds from the USI believe a good video shoot in this case would cost $2,500 to adequately capture some of the stories of untouchables and explain the solution to the problem.

I think an interesting audience to promote this with (albeit untraditional) would be plumbers and plumbing supply companies in the U.S. I would want to get them viewing and sharing the campaign and would also want to target larger plumbing supply companies to take on this project as part of a CSR campaign.
Lack of funds and awareness to bring sanitation to all of India.josh@socialchangenation.comAgreethey cantAgree
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