The #MILVALCHAL pirate funnel

Going to over share (and over post) the metrics for the full year.

  1. Acquisition 347 people have clicked this link
  2. Activation 37 people have completed at least one interview (some have come from direct channels, will keep the funnel more pristine in the future - if someone wants to help, let me know in the comments) 
  3. Retention 6 people have done more than 25
  4. Retention 1 team has done the full 100 in 60 days. @HeadyFoods. 
  5. Referral  1 team has referred people... figuring out how to measure passive referrals vs active referrals (when we ask them to do it) and if we should start tracking who does this other than just posting tweets... I think we will measure the true viral loop viral coefficient of people who have completed more than 25 interviews. 
  6. Revenue - this is a negative revenue model short term BUT we are thinking about offering services to people who are actively in the funnel... TBD
More stats, experiments, metrics, and data to come:)

Join the fun, enter the funnel and get funded at a million dollar valuation (up to 25k) by doing and submitting 100 customer development interviews in 60 days. 

@sgblank for customer development
@fakegrimlock for the funnel image for pirate metrics 
+Spike Morelli for feedback:)

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