We have a WINNER of the #BILVALCHAL! @HeadyFoods

Some high level bullet points until I write a detailed post...

  1. Way less people ENTERED than I thought.
  2. Here are the results (loving the output - especially when there are breakdowns, going to dig deeper with the #MILVALCHAL)
  3. This team FINISHED in the "right" amount of time and they are "for real". 
  4. Their problem statement did not change much which is either because they were so right, or because the challenge focused on speed as much as quality (something which we adjusted for in the #milvalchal).
  5. They still have 3 customer segments on the table, (food pun intended). While there is no requirement for the $1,000 in this case - I personally would like to see them spend that money on ONE of these segments... RESTAURANTS, INDIVIDUALS, EVENTS
  6. They entered not for the $1,000 or for the "education" for that matter (but they got both) rather for access to the investors and for the "next round" of investment. Which I guess technically validates my own hypothesis. 
  7. The mechanics of the investment are on their honor, they get a grand in support... they can give us the .0001 equity whenever they formalize things... 
  8. We will post updates on their next experiment here... 
  9. To send them your $100 contact them... they will be happy to hear from you :) 
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