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Remember, ANYONE IN THE WORLD can submit 100 interviews in exchange for $5-25k US in funding, mentoring like this (and privately) as well as attention to their startup from customers, press, and investors. 

This feedback is for Andreas (follow his startup journey)
  • There are no easy to use CRM applications designed for niche markets
  • Our potential customers need to have better relations and interaction with their customers in order to retain them and make more money or regain them. Value for money and service quality are not the only attractors for their clients.
  • She is willing to pay 500 + 30/year for a program that is usable. How do they NOT YOU define USABLE (what will be the result IF it is usable, how do we standardize the meaning of this word)
  • He would be attracted from a program that could keep an electronic agenda safely. What is an electronic agenda? How did this come up? What is the SOURCE of his pain here? Did you offer it first or did he?
  • on paper because she is afraid of inspections and theft seems to be a mini theme starting to present itself here... at the very least it is a CLEAR PROBLEM - what type of inspections? theft by whom? cyber criminals? competition?
  • She thinks that customers are dissatisfied by the quality of services only. tell me more about this -- we want to know what SHE IS DISSATISFIED WITH - NOT WHAT SHE THINKS OTHER PEOPLE ARE DISSATISFIED WITH... FOR THAT WE WILL ASK THEM She keeps customer's service data on paper although she has a computer and iPhone
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